Unlock a world of on-demand coworking options for your team

Flexible, affordable workspaces that fuel growth, collaboration and success. Pay only for what you use.

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key benefits

Access workspaces on demand without the need for additional admin

Network & collaboration

See where your teammates will be working, and click to join them. Connect with like-minded startups and entrepreneurs.

Attracting and retaining talents

Make your team happy and productive by offering flexible work arrangements that allow them to work from anywhere.

Pay only for what you use

Significantly reduce the cost of workspace by only paying for what you book.  Optimise your office budget.


Workspaces matching individuals and teams need

Access Flowpass flexible workspace market, on-demand –– only ever pay for what’s used and set spending limits to control your workspace budget. Bring your team members together using the community booking feature.

Touch-down seats and desks with screens
Meeting rooms for collaboration
Event spaces for larger meetups
Private offices for focus time

Hundreds of brands, thousands of workspaces, one platform.

Flowpass is your go-to advisory for flexible office needs, seamlessly integrating with your HR, Workplace, and Finance teams.


Ensure secure and compliant onboarding of teams authorized for coworking within budget and labor laws.

Workplace & FM 

A streamlined process for sourcing, managing multiple contracts and operators, and accessing real-time usage data.


One invoice simplifies the booking process and eliminates billing, reconciliation, and VAT cross-border reporting.


Discover a new way of working by combining flexibility & collaboration

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