A growing remote workforce and distributed teams pose challenges in providing workspaces, we are here to take those challenges on

The traditional office

Dealing with inflexible and expensive long-term leases is a significant challenge. Flowpass reimagines how businesses handles office space.

Admin complexity

Managing multiple operators, agreements, and invoices while tracking bookings, usage, and cross-border VAT adds layers of complexity.

Search & compliance

Finding solutions across multiple locations & countries is a time-consuming challenge.

USE cases

Meaningful in-person experiences using on-demand workspaces

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Distributed Teams

Make it easy for distributed teams to find locations to work together.

Remote Employee

Employees can feel connected in a community of inspiring spaces and people, even when working remotely.

Business Travelers

Road warriors find a more professional place than a coffee shop to work and meet clients.


Workspaces matching individual and team needs

We will assist in setting you up with the space you need  –– giving employees access to a branded app to search for and book spaces with a simple click and see where others work using a community booking feature.

Touch-down seats and desks with screens
Meeting rooms for collaboration
Event spaces for larger meetups
Private offices for focus time

No single operator covers all the workspaces employees need. Flowpass aggregates workspaces, so companies can access multiple operators fast and easily, with benefits for many teams within the company.

Workplace & FM 

A slimmed process for sourcing and managing multiple contracts, operators and real-time data on usage.


Secure onboarding of teams authorised to use coworking spaces within budget and in compliance with labour laws.


One invoice – no hassle of handling bookings, cancellations, billing, reconciliation, or VAT cross-border reporting.

Discover a new way of working by combining flexibility & collaboration

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