A simple yet powerful booking app for your office.

Simplify how your teams book desks, meeting rooms and amenities in your leased offices.

Design bookable workspaces with a few clicks.

Book a desk in zones for collaboration or focus work
Book meeting rooms, creative areas and team spaces
Instant or request bookings
Track data and insights on workspace usage

The reason to come into the office – other colleagues.

See who else will be coming in
See where colleagues or teams will be working
See when colleagues are coming in

Integrate with Outlook and Google.

Avoid double room bookings & manual calendar updates
Share bookings via Teams, Slack, Outlook or Gmail

Ways in which your business can benefit from the platform.

Fully Remote - when you don't need an office

Give your teams access to Flowpass Network through one platform for all bookings. Empower them to work from anywhere with a tool to coordinate and book easily.

Scale in existing or new markets

Consider adding flexible coworking hubs near your office or other strategic locations instead of relocating. It's a cost-effective way to expand without committing to long-term leases

Downsize your HQ with confidence

Creating a more energetic office environment is easier when it's smaller. Add flexible coworking alternatives for team flexibility (and a backup if the main office is fully booked).

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