Enterprises can now subscribe to offices as a service for small workplaces instead of operating them internally, with Flowpass.

"It's too expensive and time-consuming to manage small offices. We need a flexible and all-inclusive solution to buy workspaces as needed, optimize use, reduce costs, and simplify management."

Charlotta Bodemyr, ex Head of FM and procurement at Sweco

Traditional Office: The Conventional Approach

Hidden costs & rigid obligations

Managing a traditional office involves furniture, IT, communication systems, and utilities.

Renting may seem cheap, but hidden expenses add up.
Long-term commitments and rigid arrangements that may not adapt to evolving business needs.
Spaces are either too large, leading to wasted resources, or too small, hindering growth.
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Full Serviced Offices: A CONTEMPORARY Solution

Gains popularity for convenience and flexibility

Fully furnished and equipped with IT infrastructure, administrative support, meeting rooms, and shared facilities, including kitchens.

It saves the cost, time and hassle of setting up and maintaining own infrastructure.
When evaluating costs, it's important to consider value-added services and time saved.
Monthly subscriptions compared to long-term leases. Easy to scale seats up or down.

Flowpass will help you navigate and transition your current office portfolio into an agile, right-sized and cost-effective portfolio.

Global Reach

We are perfectly suited for large, complex organisations that require a global workplace strategy, covering multiple locations across a number of countries.

Flex Advisory

While price and flexibility are essential, so is having expertise on hand. Our hybrid experts help you transition smoothly into an office-as-a-service portfolio.

One Platform

Manage multiple operators, invoices and VAT reporting with ease. Standardised contracts, detailed spend analytics and utilisation data in one plattform.

Flowpass manages your smaller offices, freeing up your time for the larger ones.

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Cost Savings & Less Admin

The platform digitises processes, reduces costs, and saves time with expert advice and global partners.

Increase Brand Attractiveness

Your distributed employees will receive fully equipped offices with the same amenities as their peers at headquarters.

Improved Productivity

Professional total serviced spaces are essential for maximizing productivity and achieving a sense of fulfillment.