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February 2024

Office as a Service - customer demands shapes offices

Flowpass introduces a unique approach to flexible workplace arrangement through its extensive coworking partner network, offering tailored solutions catering to distributed and remote teams. Services range from on-demand day passes and meeting rooms to monthly memberships and private offices, ensuring a fit for every business need.

Flowpass is changing the game for businesses seeking flexible office solutions. Now available in over 500 locations across 120 cities in 30 countries, our flex advisory service reaches beyond the network and helps you tailor solutions to your business needs, regardless of your team's location.

Together with our coworking partner network, we've pooled all our flexible office expertise to create what we believe is a unique platform for buying and managing all your flexible workspaces. The setup is simple. We help you provide your team with access to selectively chosen coworking spaces. You can choose from three products:

  • On-Demand –– Employees can book day passes and meeting rooms as needed. They gain access to representative and functional workspaces to the exact extent necessary. Each coworking space offers flexible workstations, break lounges, and phone booths/rooms for team or sales meetings. The company only pays for what is used.
  • Membership –– Sign up for individual monthly memberships where your employees get everything a day pass offers, but with the difference that the company commits to a fixed monthly cost. In many cases, a membership can be shared among several employees. Similarly, you can share a private office with more employees.
  • Private Office  Subscribe to a private or meeting room as needed. A private office room within a coworking space is perfect for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of coworking while having something of their own. The offices are tastefully furnished and equipped with intelligent technology; cleaning and coffee are included. Offices are quickly and conveniently rented on short terms, month-to-month, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

How do you create a flexible office solution across eight countries for an 80 large employee organisation?

The challenge was to find an office for 50 employees in one city and develop a solution for their distributed teams, comprising 30 employees across seven countries. Their workplace policy allows for two optional office days per week, emphasising in-person team interactions.

To accommodate the 50 city employees, the company opted for a serviced office solution via Flowpass with 20 shared desks, avoiding a traditional office setup with 50 individual desks. Each city was designed to accommodate visitors needing workspaces during frequent travel. For the distributed teams, the company chose coworking spaces accessible via the Flowpass platform, providing these team members with day pass access and, for some, meeting room budgets. Travelling employees also received day pass access, thus creating a flexible office solution consisting of one primary office and a network of selected coworking spaces.

All workspaces were integrated into the Flowpass platform, and with the workplace app, employees can effortlessly book and indicate their office or coworking space presence. The app enables easy coordination of office days among colleagues. Employees can secure a day pass at a coworking space within the same building if the primary office is fully booked, facilitating collaboration and resource sharing while optimising costs and space.

We can help you can create a flexible office solution combining various services, such as day passes, hourly meeting rooms, memberships, and private offices for your team. You can quickly scale up or down the spots needed and create flexibility for both employees and the company.

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