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March 2024

Stay lean - get an office on-demand

You feel that you need your own office. But, what if "your own office" is something different that you thought?

Maintaining an office can be a significant expense for a small company, especially when remote work means it's not fully utilized.

While a set of memberships at coworking spaces are an option, they can also be costly and may still not be fully utilized.


Flowpass Workplaces offers a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solution that provides office space on-demand, tailored to your specific needs. This flexibility is particularly useful for small companies questioning the need for a permanent office. Unlike competitors who rely on memberships, our cost-effective alternative adapts to your company's usage, eliminating commitment to underutilized space.

Your (custom) workplace network

Choose only 1 workplace to swarm in or allow for a vast selection of workplaces. Our extensive network spans hundreds of workspaces across 31 countries, offering day passes and meeting rooms. This reach ensures access to professional environments wherever your business takes you, without the overhead of a traditional office.

Concerned about everyone being spread out? You can create access policies and handpick workplaces, ensuring your team congregates in a few specific places. Some of our customers only offer one specific workplace their team, essentially creating their own office, but on-demand.


As a small business, you'll also get access to our Community feature where you can easily coordinate.

Finally, we consolidate all workspace consumption into one simple invoice.

Flowpass - the platform for consuming flex workplaces.

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