product update
May 2023

Share your booking - bring others along

In an era where work is more distributed than ever, staying connected with colleagues is key. Discover how our "Share Your Booking" feature effortlessly synchronize team gatherings, ensuring meaningful collaboration in a click.

In today’s increasingly distributed world, where work is often split between the office and home, coordinating to maximize time with key colleagues is crucial. To address this, we’ve developed the Community feature, designed to facilitate such coordination effortlessly. Additionally, our "Share Your Booking" feature offers a straightforward method for gathering people in the same place on the same day. This tool is particularly valuable for leaders looking to assemble their teams in a single location, enhancing collaboration and involvement in shared activities.

The Inviter

The process begins with the inviter, the individual initiating the gathering. With just a few taps, they can share their booking using the seamless sharing capabilities found on modern devices, whether it’s via Slack, Teams, email, SMS, or any other platform. This action generates a "Join Me" link, which the inviter can distribute to either select individuals or broader groups, inviting them to come together at a specific location.

The Invitee

Upon receiving the "Join Me" link, invitees are brought into the fold through a simple one-click process that aligns their booking with that of the inviter. This simplicity removes barriers to participation, making it incredibly easy for invitees to confirm their attendance and ensure they’re in the same office as their colleagues on the designated day.

By leveraging these features, organizations can foster a sense of unity and collaboration among remote and in-office teams, ensuring valuable face-to-face time is maximized.

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