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November 2023

Spin up a temporary office - Implema

Imagine setting up a new office space in just a few hours, or winding down a temporary workspace with a single click. Sounds too good to be true? It's not. Welcome to the future of flexible workspaces, where convenience meets efficiency at the speed of need.

Staying Flexible with Flowpass: A Case Study of Implema

Sometimes, the need for an office is temporary, not permanent. This was precisely the situation faced by one of our valued customers, Implema, when they embarked on a significant renovation of their usual office space. Faced with the prospect of being without an office for two months, and recognizing that remote work wasn't a viable solution for everyone, they turned to Flowpass for a solution.

The Challenge: Maintaining Operations During Renovation

Implema’s challenge was not unique, but it required a swift and effective response. With their normal operations disrupted, the company sought a temporary workspace solution that could accommodate their immediate needs without committing to long-term leases or incurring unnecessary expenses.

The Solution: A Click Away with Flowpass

Flowpass made it simple for Implema to navigate this transitional period. Here's how we addressed their needs:

  1. Organization Setup: We quickly onboarded Implema onto the Flowpass platform, setting them up as a new organization within minutes.
  2. Access Policy Configuration: Next, we established a new access policy tailored to Implema's situation, selecting just one workspace - Arena Sergel in Stockholm - as their temporary base.
  3. App Deployment: We instructed Implema’s employees to download the Flowpass app, granting them instant access to book day passes and meeting rooms at Arena Sergel.

The Outcome: Seamless Operations and Cost Efficiency

Throughout the two-month renovation period, Implema's employees made use of the flexible workspace options provided by Flowpass, booking space only when needed. This not only ensured that their operations continued smoothly but also allowed the company to manage costs effectively, paying only for the space they used.

The Return: Back to Normal with Enhanced Flexibility

Once the renovation was complete, Implema returned to their original office, having experienced firsthand the benefits of workspace flexibility. This temporary shift not only kept their team productive during the renovation but also opened their eyes to the potential of flexible workspaces as a part of their long-term strategy.

Conclusion: Embrace Flexibility with Flowpass

Implema’s story is a testament to the power of flexibility in today's dynamic business environment. Whether you're navigating temporary disruptions or exploring new ways to work, Flowpass is here to ensure that your workspace adapts to your needs - not the other way around. Stay flexible, and discover how our platform can support your business through change and beyond.

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