product update
November 2023

Digital keys

Automatically generate digital keys upon bookings to simplify access control to workplaces

Managing access in a flexible workplace, where sharing is the norm, can be a daunting task with traditional means, such as key cards.

Upon a booking, we collaborate with our partners to instantly generate digital keys. These keys are meticulously timed, becoming active only during the booking period, ensuring seamless and secure entry and exit. Once the employee comes to the entrance, they simply use their phone to unlock the door.

This approach has proven effective on a large scale, facilitating shared workspace access for over 5,000 individuals in a single location— a task that would be nearly impossible with conventional methods.

Flowpass proudly integrates with leading digital key providers in Scandinavia, including Accessy and Parakey, with plans to expand our partnerships. This system not only simplifies access management but also enhances security, making it an essential feature for modern, dynamic work environments.

Flowpass - the platform for consuming flex workplaces.

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